Flex Ticket

Excitement Ticket

Start looking forward to your next visit at the Städel, as soon as the museum opens again.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a ticket for your next visit at the Städel Museum or give the gift of happy anticipation as a voucher. The ticket is redeemable during our opening hours on the day of your choice, beginning from the Städel Museum’s reopening up to and including 3.10.2021.


Information about the online ticket
  • The online ticket gives you priority admission to the museum, so you save yourself waiting in line at the cashier’s desk. The ticket is redeemable during our opening hours on a day of your choice. More information on our opening hours: https://www.staedelmuseum.de/en.
  • The Flex Ticket is valid from the reopening of the museum until 3.10.2021. It is valid for the Städel collection and all special exhibitions.
  • Please go to the main entrance and wait at the marked waiting positions. Our staff will regulate admission and scan your ticket.
  • Please observe the rules of hygiene during your visit. You will find these rules at www.staedelmuseum.de/en.
  • Please note our current opening hours, updated daily at www.staedelmuseum.de.
  • Children (dependents) under 19 in the company of at least one adult holding a valid online ticket will be granted admission free of charge.
  • No subsequent returns or refunds.
  • Tickets will be sent electronically via e-mail.




Katalog Kunst der Moderne
1800–1945 im Städel Museum