Timed Ticket

Timed Ticket Städel Museum

Enjoy your stay at the Städel Museum.

With this ticket, you are selecting a binding time slot for your entry to the museum. This will help us regulate visitor entry as a precautionary measure to guard against infection.

The ticket gives you admission to all current exhibitions and the Städel collection, including the exhibition “EN PASSANT. Impressionism in sculpture”.

starting at  €14.00

Information about the online ticket
  • The timed ticket entitles you to a one-time entry to the museum for the date and time stated on the ticket. It is valid for the Städel collection and all special exhibitions. Every ticket will be accepted only once at the admissions control point.
  • Please be sure to stick to the time slot you have chosen for your entry. This will enable us to coordinate the influx of visitors in such a way as to maintain the hygiene regulations. The duration of your stay in the museum is independent of your entry time slot.
  • Please go to the main entrance and wait at the marked waiting positions. Our staff will regulate admission and scan your ticket.
  • Please observe the rules of hygiene during your visit. You will find these rules at www.staedelmuseum.de/en.
  • Children (dependents) under 19 in the company of at least one adult holding a valid online ticket will be granted admission free of charge.
  • No subsequent returns or refunds.
  • Tickets will be sent electronically via e-mail.




Katalog EN PASSANT (Museumsausgabe)
Impressionismus in Skulptur