Catalogue Titian and the Renaissance in Venice (Museum edition)

From 13 February to 26 May 2019 the Städel Museum devoted a major special exhibition to one of the most momentous chapters in the history of European art: Venetian painting of the Renaissance. Entitled “Titian and the Renaissance in Venice”, the show united more than a hundred masterpieces – In the early sixteenth century, artists of the “City of Water” developed an independent strain of the Renaissance relying on purely painterly means and the impact of light and colour. One of their most important exponents was Titian (ca. 1488/90–1576), who would hold the key position in the Venetian art scene all his life.

This book leaves readers with a vivid impression of the extraordinary artistic and thematic breadth of the Renaissance as it unfolded in Venice, leaving us in no doubt as to why so many radically different artists of later centuries would repeatedly look here for inspiration.

This catalogue is in English, you can find the German version here.

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